andrea courvoisier

Andrea Courvoisier grew up in Basel, Switzerland. As a little girl, one of her great loves was looking at photographs of people from all over the world, particularly at faces, and their many expressions of different feelings. She also loved drawing and painting faces on paper and had a fun making faces herself. Much later, in 1994 during her study time in the USA, Andrea started painting and drawing again, with the same love for expressive faces and figures.

In her work, Andrea humourously and compassionately expresses her fascination with relationships of all kinds, be it relationships between people, between different parts of oneself, to the earth, animals, the sky and the divine. Andrea likes to meditate on the "spaces in between", to pay attention to the unsual, to momentary moods, emotions, body feelings, visions, dreams, prayers and yearnings, from which her art evolves.

In addition to three public exhibitions and several publications of her art in books and magazines, Andrea also created drawings and comic strips for business, including website illustration. 
Andrea lives and works in Basel, Switzerland.


publications and works


Selling of t-shirts with the drawing „free hugs“ (Drawings II) u.a., printed by Friederike Leuenberger, Durchdruck, Münchenstein.


Publication of a drawing as book cover for Joseph Goodbread's Befriending Conflict, Harmonic Processes, USA.


Developing and sale of self-help tool "Spaceout-Queen"/"Spaceout-King" (Drawings II).


Website comic strip commissioned by Yves Stöcklin, Basel, Switzerland.


Publication of a drawing in the Swiss magazine "Spuren", Spring, Nr. 71.


Set of drawings commissioned by Astrodienst, Switzerland, for a new graphic design of their relationship horoscope by Liz Greene.

Publication of a drawing in the Swiss magazine "Spuren", Autumn, Nr. 69.


Self-publishing and printing of a set of 21 drawings on cards; Birth of logo and company name - gracefool-comix.


Two paintings chosen by the "Gender Equality Office" in Basel, Switzerland to honor the recipients of the "Award for Opportunity & Equality".


Publication of a painting as book cover for Dawn Menken in her book, Speak Out! Talking About Love, Sex and Eternity, New Falcon Publications, Tempe, Arizona, USA.


Publication of four paintings as book covers for Arnold Mindell: The Dreambody in Relationships, Working on Yourself Alone, Working with the Dreaming Body, Riding the Horse Backwards, Lao Tse Press, Portland, Oregon, USA.


Publication of an article and painting in The Journal of Process Oriented Psychology, Portland, Oregon, USA, Volume 8 Spring/ Summer 2001. Article entitled, "Mother, what killed you? Transcending Tragedy Through a Process-oriented View of Mental Illness and Body Symptoms."

Publication of a painting as book cover for Joseph Goodbread's Radical Intercourse, How Dreams Unite Us in Love, Conflict and Other Inevitable Relationships, Lao Tse Press, Portland, Oregon, USA.


Publication of paintings and drawings in The Journal of Process Oriented Psychology, Portland, Oregon, USA, Volume 7, 1995-1996, including cover and interior illustrations.


Publication of article about painting and creativity in The Journal of Process Oriented Psychology, Portland, Oregon, USA, Volume 6, Winter 1994-1995, "Painting: the Beauty, Fun and Discoveries of Inner Work."



Educated in Didaktics of Adult Education, Akademie für Erwachsenenbildung, Luzern, Switzerland; SVEB 1.


Educated in Coaching, Kurszentrum Aarau, Switzerland.


Educated in Davis Dyslexia Program Facilitation, Syntonics Institute Basel, Switzerland; Facilitator Certificate.

1994 to present
Self-taught painting and drawing.

Studies in psychology at Lesley College, Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA; BA, Psychology, with special focus on the Psychology of Creativity; Development of a course in Process-oriented Expressive Painting.


Studies in Process-oriented Psychology in Zürich, Switzerland and in Portland, Oregon, USA; Certificate of Process Work.


Studies in Business Administration at the Huber Widemann School, Basel, Switzerland; Certificate.

"School for Total Theatre and Performance", Dance- and Theatre-Laboratory, Basel, Switzerland.